"Well behaved women rarely make history"




CLEOPATRA UNCONQUERED, published with Savant Books and Publications,  is the first in a series that tells the story of Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, from the perspectives of Isis, Cleopatra's goddess, and the great pharaoh queen herself. In this series, Cleopatra, not Augustus, is the victor at the Battle of Actium and history takes a different turn from here. The sequel, CLEOPATRA VICTORIOUS, will be released soon. Also available as an ebook. More information can be found at the following links.



 A podcast on this novel is featured here: http://publishwithconnie.com/interview-with-helen-davis/


EVITA: MY ARGENTINA, published with Custom Book Publications, is the story of the infamous Eva Peron. Probably best known as the subject of the movie with Madonna, this novel tells the history of Evita told through her own eyes. Beginning with her flashing back and musing over her life on the death bed, Evita tells her whole story, from her painful childhood to her rocket like existence and her tragic rise and fall, which is also the fall of her nation, Argentina. Also available as an ebook for only 3.99!


A podcast is available here: http://publishwithconnie.com/evita-my-argentina/


ATHENA: THE WARRIOR QUEEN OF YAVDOLO, published by Christian Faith Publishing, tells the story of a woman far in the future on another planet. This is a story that is a pot  apocalyptic fantasy set on Damlol, a peaceful world outside of our solar system, that introduces a patriotic girl of great courage set off to save her nation- and her planet—from darkness.


More information can be found at this link  http://www.christianfaithpublishing.com/books/?book=athena-vol-1


A podcast is here: http://publishwithconnie.com/athena-the-warrior-queen-of-yavdolo/










The Most Happy: An alternate history of Anne Boleyn


Anne Boleyn is known throughout the world as the beheaded wife of King Henry VIII. Probably best known to this generation from either Natalie Portman's portrayal in THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL or Natalie Dormer's portrayal in THE TUDORS, this novel centers on Anne, not Henry. It is a novel that imagines Anne Boleyn bearing Henry a son and Henry later dying in a jousting accident and leaving Anne Regent of England on behalf of their fictional son and how the 16th century, a pivotal one in Western civilization, would have been different if one of its movers and shakers had not been struck down in her prime. Truly, living on her own, without Henry, Anne is 'the most happy.'








Queen Isabella is a thorny subject for many people in our time period. When her name is spoken, most people at best think of Columbus and at worst the Spanish Inquisition. These are certainly true but there is more to her story. This is an alternate history that imagines Queen Isabella choosing to complete the Reconquest of Spain, but not expelling the Jews. This is also a novel that gives a happier fate to her youngest daughter, Catalina—also known as Katharine of Aragon. Katharine shines as queen regnant of Spain and not Henry VIII's discarded  first wife.  Co-authored by up and coming author Carolina Casas with Helen R. Davis,  Isabella is re-imagined and reborn.



Both of these novels will be published with Calliope Editorial, based out of Madrid, Spain, Isabella's homeland.





Any of these novels are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, fine brick and mortar bookstores, or from the author for a signed copy.  All can be purchased at 20 dollars each, or on Amazon as kindle books. The author will also do a 2 for 30 deal, any 3 for 40 deal, or all 5 for 50 deal. Payments can be made either by check or Paypal