"Well behaved women rarely make history"

 I am Helen Davis, an author in the United States with a passion for women in different times and eras whose have often been on the wrong side either of the history books or in the media.  My novels involve research, travel and shedding light on women who are too often thought of as either vamps or evil.

Women such as Cleopatra, Eva Peron, and Isabella of Castile did great things for their nations but also had a dark side.  Unfortunately, Cleopatra is often portrayed as a vixen who brought Antony and Caesar to ruin as opposed to a woman who was fighting for her country. Discussions on Isabella tend to focus exclusively on the Inquisition, which, while certainly horrendous, there is more to her story. Outside of Argentina, Evita is remembered  more as Madonna with a microphone than as a trailblazer.

I like to ask different questions. Such as what would history have been like if Cleopatra had won?  Why do we take a musical about Evita as gospel? Asking these questions -- and many more -- have enabled me to discover aspects of these women and has encouraged me to let them speak for themselves.

In my books, Cleopatra is given the victory she deserved.  Evita is given her own platform to speak not for Peron and Peronism but for herself.  I hope Cleopatra and Eva Peron will become real to you. You suffer with Eva's humiliation as an actress and cheer as she becomes First Lady. You will cry at her deathbed. You will triumph with Cleopatra and come into a better world. And in the future, you will be surprised at what I will do with Isabella's story.