"Well behaved women rarely make history"






It is with aged fingers but clarity of mind that I take pen to hand to write this brief memoir. What the Gods and Goddesses will ultimately do with it, I know not. These are turbulent times in Egypt, Rome, Greece and Heaven. Whether future generations will read, know or remember my words is known only to the great Goddess, Isis, who in her infinite wisdom, refrains from sharing the whole of the results of our accomplishments with us during our mortal lifetime, be we Pharaoh, Queen, royalty or commoner.


But this I do know, the Goddess having appeared to me in her many guises repeatedly throughout my life: Whatever my fate, another even more glorious life awaits me when, at last, my spirit returns to her outstretched arms.


This memoir, then, is not of my life and fate as I will be remembered by mortals—that will be written by historians—but of the promised whole of my life, as the Goddess Isis has seen appropriate to disclose to me.