"Well behaved women rarely make history"

Eva and her family

Eva Peron—the legendary First Lady of Argentina, who tells her life story on her death bed, baring her soul for the world to see

Juan Peron—the enigmatic president of Argentina and love of Eva’s life

Juana Ibarguren, or Doña Juana—Eva’s mother, a stout woman of Basque descent who is determined to have the best life for all her children

Elisa  Duarte—Eva’s oldest sister, with an ambition equal to hers

Blanca Duarte—the second of Eva’s sisters

Erminda Duarte—the sister in age closest to Eva, and her playmate as a child

Juan Duarte—Eva’s brother, with whom she shares a close, intimate relationships

Juan Duarte Sr.—the father of Eva, who abandons her as a baby and is seen only once more at his funeral

Friends of Eva and her family
Don Pepe—another lover of Doña Juana after the death of Juan Duarte who helps Eva move to Buenos Aires
Emma Vanuesa—a friend of Eva’s in Los Toldos
Elsa Sabella- a friend of Eva’s when the family moves to Junín
Ricardo Caturla—the first boyfriend of a young, innocent Eva

Eva’s Acting Days

Jose Franco—a man who gives Eva some of her first roles
Eva Franco—the daughter of Jose, who despises Eva Duarte on sight
Pablo Suero—an obese, older man who gives Eva work on stage
Manuel Gonzalez—one of Eva’s lovers who helps her seague into raido
Emilio Kartulowicz—a Chilean man living in Argentina with whom Eva shares both a professional and romantic bond, one of the only men to love her before Peron
Pierina Delassani—an actress who is kind to Eva and a true friend to her.
Oscar Nicolini—a man who works for the government for which Eva has to ask permission to broadcast her drama Heroines of History

Libertad Lamarque—Eva’s onscreen and offscreen rival in the drama The Circus Cavalcade. Later exiled by Eva and moves to Mexico.

Eva’s Political Days

Ramon S. Castillo- president of Argentina for a brief time, the man responsible for much of the radio censorhip which plagues Eva
Pedro Pablo Ramirez- president of Argentina from 1943 to 1944, under which Juan Peron serves as vice president

Jose Rodriguez—a friend of Peron’s but no friend of Eva’s
Benito Mussolini- the leader of Italy during the Second World War, and a man greatly admired by Peron
Adolf Hitler—the leader of Nazi Germany, whom Peron disdains
Domingo Mercante—a close friend of Peron’s who helps organize the rally for his release, considered to be ‘Peron’s heart’  by Eva
Eva as First Lady

Liliane Guardo—a close friend and confidante of Eva’s during her European tour
Francisco Franco—leader of Fascist Spain and an ally of Peron’s, but a man who Eva greatly dislikes.  She is said to have called him ‘Fatty’
Carmen Polo de Franco—the wife of Franco who is at first cordial to Eva, but the two part on bad terms after Eva’s demands in Spain. There cannot be two women more different in spite of a shared Hispanic Catholic heritage
Isabella of Castile—the former queen of Spain to whom Eva pays tribute to in Madrid
Father Benitez—Eva’s confessor, with whom she maintains close tieS

Count Sforza—the man who guides Eva during the Italian leg of her tour
Pope Pius XII—the pope whom Eva meets in Italy

Don Juan of Bourbon—the exiled king of Spain, whom Eva meets in Portugal.

Georges Bidault—the French minister who welcomes Eva to Paris, on whom Eva remarks about being warned of the flirtaciousness of French men
Charles DeGaulle—the future president of France, who briefly meets with Eva
Yvonne DeGaulle—the wife of Charles DeGaulle, who briefly warns Eva that hate destroys the person who holds it more than whom it is directed to

George Marshall- US Secretary of State on whom Eva reluctantly listens to a speech by in Brazil
The ‘descamisados’- the poor of Argentina, whom Eva dearly loves
Teresa of Avila and Sor Juana—childless women in the history of the Catholic Church of whom Eva thinks of  in sorrow of her own childlessness

Enrique G. Hertzgog—the president of Bolivia, who awards Eva for her charity work
Delia de Parodi—a woman who closely works with Eva with her Peronista Women’s Party and who is near her when she dies

Eleanor Roosevelt—the former First Lady of the United States, whom Eva briefly meets with and in spite of their differences and Eva’s dislike for the US, warms up to.

Golda Meir—future prime Minister of Israel, who meets with Eva to thank her for her financial aid