The Way a Multiple Watch Winder Works to Keep Your Watches Rotate Accurately

The Way a Multiple Watch Winder Works to Keep Your Watches Rotate Accurately

A multiple watch winder is not only protecting your watches from dust, dirt, and scratches but also from inaccuracy and low-performance issues. Indeed, it makes this product different compared to any traditional watch box or storage. So, how a multiple watch winder works? Check the explanation below. 

Rotating Automatic Watches 

A watch winder will automatically rotate your watches once you put them on it. The rotation comes from the mainspring of the watches that push the winding mechanism. The mainspring on an automatic watch works to release all the energy to keep the watch spinning. 

Working Just Like a Human Wrist 

The manufacturers develop a multiple watch winder just like a human wrist. The rotor on the watch keeps spinning when your wrist moves the watch. This process will wind the mainspring. The system on multiple-winder wind the mainspring. As a result, you will always get an accurate time when seeing an automatic watch from a winder box.

Working Based on the Rotation System 

A watch winder has a rotation system. Most of them are working in clockwise motion. Indeed, you can also find watch winders that work on counter-clockwise or bi-directional movement. That’s why you should check the motion your watch needs. Check the instructions on the package to ensure that you put the watches on the right watch winder. 

Rotate Watches Based on Turns Per Day 

Watch winders also work based on TPD or Turns Per Day. A heavier watch requires more TPD. Set the multiple watch winder interval according to instructions. For example, a multiple-watch winder will rotate watches for 30 minutes and stop working for a few minutes before rotating the watches again for 30 minutes. It means that you set the TPD in a 30-minute interval. A lower number of TPD means the multiple watch winder works in a long interval. On the other hand, the higher the number of TPD, the shorter the interval.

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