Tips to Choose a Watch Winder for Your Watch

Tips to Choose a Watch Winder for Your Watch

When you are about to buy an 8 watch winder, there are some specifications that you have to consider. Since this tool functions to care for your most cherished watch, you surely do not want the poor-quality one that can hurt your watch. For most automatic mechanical watches, here are the specifications you must look for in watch winders.

Rotations Per Minute

It is crucially important to consider rotations per minute or per 24-hour time period when you are purchasing a winder. Most auto mechanical watches need minimal movement to stay wound, so it is better to opt for an adjustable winder that can wind your precious watch in the most natural way, making sure it keeps running like normal for years to come.

Resting Periods

For your information, automatic mechanical watches’ natural wear includes resting periods. Most affordable watch winders are not equipped with a feature that allows resting periods for automatic watches. So, it is highly suggested to choose luxury watch winders, or at least the mid-class ones. Besides rotations per minute, the winder’s resting periods are also essential to consider if you want your most cherished item to last for a long time.

Dual Oscillating Rotation

Not all watch winders are suitable for all automatic watches. Some auto mechanical watches self-wind under a single rotation while some others self-wind under bidirectional rotations. So, when you are about to purchase an 8 watch winder, make sure it has multiple rotation settings. Or you can also invest in 2 or more different winders for each of your automatic watches. It is better to opt for the one that has a clockwise rotation and counter-clockwise rotation.

Those are some specifications you must consider when buying a winder for your automatic watch. You can also consider the style since an 8 watch winder is where you display your luxury item.

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